My name is Timothy Ketcham, a Bond-Servant of Jesus Christ striving to uphold His supremacy and glory while loving life and living large in His joy. I am a U. S. Army Veteran, Christian pastor, writer, poet, mentor, and educator. For over 20 years I pastored small rural churches in Montana and Nebraska.

I believe that in many ways we have made the Christian life overly complicated and misunderstood. People are starving for the greatness of God, and striving to live in the joy found only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Joyful Persistence” is designed to help people understand that the Christian life can be enjoyed and lived in a meaningful way. Through my journey, experiences, and story I share that life can be both glorifying to God and satisfying to the soul.

Olivia, my Beagle/Swiss Mountain dog and Riddley sock monkey help me to share this journey of glorifying God and serving Jesus Christ while learning to love life and live large.